Chicken Kiev

I finally had an opportunity to breath, for at least three days, before the next run of hell begins. It was crazy over the Canada Day Weekend and the last two weeks after that were at least a little more manageable. I just had to stop. August is also just around the corner which only means more events and activities have already been lined up by groups in conjunction with the city of Toronto to make the summer an ‘unforgettable’ one for those on vacation and for tourist alike. By the third week of August, I am definitely sure it will slow down as kids and parents prepare for Fall; that I am ultimately looking forward to.

For those like me, it only means more hell. I’ve been savouring every minute of this time-off in my apartment just basically doing nothing. Sometimes doing nothing helps keep myself together although it can be counterproductive at times. This is my third and final day; knowing the next couple of weeks might be as bad or even worse; just thinking about it makes me want to do ‘nothing’ even more. Personally, I feel the two months of summer is about six in total; given all the stresses and hours at work and the daily squabble and struggle with inefficient co-workers. And, physically, I think, I may not be able to do this anymore; and thus the search goes on.  Hopefully, next summer will be a much better scenario.

During this break, I was able to finally make one of the dishes I’ve been longing to make: Chicken Kiev. It’s making a comeback.  I had two chicken breast in my freezer from the whole chicken I bought for my Jerk Chicken, and I felt something more elegant can be done with them.  I was originally just thinking of a Supreme; back in Culinary Arts School with Herbs and Butter, but after searching and discovering Chicken Kiev, I knew I had had to have a hand on this one. It didn’t frustrate me.


  • 2 Chicken Breast
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Salted Butter
  • Eggs, Flour, Panko Breadcrumbs (for Dredging)

Leave about ¼ of a cup of butter in room temperature. Chop some Thyme & Rosemary and incorporate the herbs with the butter to make a compound butter.

Spread the chicken breast lengthwise and pound them using the back of the cleaver. Put the compound butter at the center and roll the chicken breast like a carpet; making sure the butter is properly tucked in.  Set aside in the fridge (important).

Prepare the egg wash, flour and breadcrumbs for dredging. Season the egg wash and flour with salt & pepper and add some Parmesan Cheese and chopped Parsley in the breadcrumbs.  Start dredging the chicken. Set aside in the fridge for the second time around for a good half an hour or so.

Pan-fry all sides and insert in a 350’C preheated oven for just about 5-8 minutes, checking the firmness and doneness of the chicken every now and then (shouldn’t be dry).  Let it rest for a few minutes before slicing in half.

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8 thoughts on “Chicken Kiev

  1. My kids would love this, it’s like chicken nuggets 🙂 but I thinks it’s better, thanks for the recipe I would definitely try this, Chicken is “life” here in KSA…Hello I ‘m Ann blog hoppin’ from FTF and Food Friday

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