Prime Rib Steak with Tarragon Butter

DSCF6848 (640x456)I never understood why Chinese food is considered a holiday dinner. Eventually, I believe, I would.  Like a doctor in an emergency room, I am ‘on-duty’ on the 24rth and the 25th; the eye of the holiday season. When everybody is busy preparing Turkeys and Hams, I am in the kitchen preparing Christmas Dinner for clients; answering to their every squeamish appetite for something Christmassy.    For the last couple of weeks, I’ve roasted about four Turkeys and carved two of those to feed a party of fifty. It was a small group, but the carving was tedious and on top of that, the regular lunch fare had to be served. Both were set at twelve and I was the only person ‘in-charge’ of ‘making it happen.’  I felt I was back in the line again; running around and keeping myself intact and on-time. It was indeed December. I have one more lined-up on Christmas Day, and hopefully, I won’t see another Turkey until the next Christmas.

I’ve been contemplating on what I would serve myself on the 24rth. I haven’t had a trip to the grocery for personal reasons and I haven’t really targeted any kind of game, meat, or poultry to work on on the night before Christmas itself.  I definitely won’t have Turkey or Ham. I know I’d be dead-tired and might just go for Chinese in Chinatown; a once in a lifetime experience and treat on Christmas Eve. The Pecking Duck is waiting (now I understand).

I’ve been a regular of the town for the last week or so feeding myself hearty and comfortable beef stir-fry meals.  I missed eating beef. I’ve held back on red meat for the last eleven months of the year and on the twelfth, I just went for it. Red meat will be off the list again as January steps in, eating healthier meals as usual to coincide to my once a week tai chi decompression chamber.  Best to go for it in full-circle rather than half-baked, although dimsum can never neglected.  That’s my life source. I need some quiet time after a very frenzied to crazy week before me (although the dimsum ladies can be loud and noisy). It’s the unusual culture I’m in for, and every week feels like a new visit to another gastronomic secret society. Lately, eating breakfast of eggs and bacon, food which I was succumbed to for the last six years, has slowly been creeping in as one of those meals I beckon to have in the mornings of my days-off.  Through this nightly visits, I’ve somehow also understood how Cantonese cooking work.  That would be my next assignment. I know I can’t forever feed myself stir-fry when I can cook it myself at home.

I originally wanted to cook steak for the holidays. I bought this AA Prime Rib steak to test it on my grill pan and was happy with the results.  The cut was not as expensive; just about $10.00, and it made my night. Although I had wished, I had another cut. It turned out insufficient to ebb for my growing appetite, and I can’t cook nor look at another potato for the next several years or so.  This was before all the Turkeys and the Hams and the parties were set and I still had that little extra time to decide. Right now, I can’t even decide what to feed myself after seeing all the food on an almost daily basis and being creative recycling what’s leftover in the walk-in fridges a few days later.


  • Prime Rib Steak
  • Beef Stock
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Tarragon, finely chopped
  • Salted Butter

Leave the butter and the steak at room temperature, and season the steak on both sides.  Clean and season the grill pan with oil and pre-heat it for ten minutes or so.

DSCF6844 (640x459) DSCF6846 (640x509)Chop the tarragon and mix it with the butter to make a compound butter. Shape the butter into a shell using two spoons. Wrap it using a plastic wrap or tin foil and return it the fridge.

Set the steak on the pan on a 90’ angle for several minutes. Flip it to 180’ to complete the grill marks. Do the same on the other side. Check the thickest part of the meat for desired doneness.  Remove from the grill and let it rest, covered with a tin foil.

DSCF6847 (640x455)DSCF6852 (640x426)Deglaze the grill-pan with beef stock to make some jus.  Set the butter shells atop the steak and dip each cut into the jus.

DSCF6850 (640x456)

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One thought on “Prime Rib Steak with Tarragon Butter

  1. omgoodness…!!! am speechless, really. you make everything look so easy…i know hubby and son would love something like that!

    thank you so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Chef!
    i know you will be working the next couple of days; hope you will have the time to enjoy Christmas! 🙂

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