Veal Shoulder Blade Steak with Bell Pepper & Onion

DSCF6961 (640x495)There are times that I just want to step out of the kitchen and breathe. Whenever I  feel the tension and the stress blanket the entire room, I take a seat and take five. After a grueling day as such, recovery period sometimes takes more than two days. I’m stuck indoors and can’t move a muscle. I think a holiday is forthcoming, but having just started in this new kitchen, taking one may not happen soon.

I have been stuck with eating noodles and finishing a pot of meat broth for dinner for the last week; just too exhausted from preparing a real meal for myself. Moreover, I always look forward to a hot and steamy Jasmine rice to alleviate my hunger for ‘my own kind of food’ after cooking for somebody else the entire day. I would have opted eating out instead, but I’d rather be at home sooner relaxing and preparing for the next day. I miss my apartment and I look forward ‘doing nothing’ and reading a book on a quiet, cozy and cold winter day. I’m working on this objective and I reckon it won’t happen until the next winter season with all the other things I have to attend to now; all of which I have left rotting in the backburner for the last six or so years. There’s always something to do and small decisions to make and there are surprises appearing every week. I’ve been hoping this jack-in-the box surprises would be on the ‘fun’ side, but that covers only half of that.

I enjoy a nice piece of steak when this stressful situation surfaces and ‘looking forward to a stress-free’ day occurs. I dropped by my Canadian grocer last week after a long break and bought a Veal Shoulder Blade Steak; thinking for a quick grill to fill  a hungry and deprived stomach. I have been searching and looking for new cuts, but I haven’t really seen as many lately. I saw some top of the line offal in Chinatown yesterday and wouldn’t know exactly what to do with them. Anyway, the veal had a sizable amount of fat which initially I thought was marbling. All these meant long and slow braising. And I came up with this one.


  • Veal Shoulder Blade Steak
  • Sea Salt
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Mexican Oregano
  • Bayleaf
  • Assorted Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange)
  • Beer
  • Chicken Stock
  • Light Soy Sauce
  • Saffron Threads
  • Brown Sugar
  • Flour (for coating)

Marinade the veal overnight with olive oil, salt and pepper, and Mexican oregano. Coat with flour and pan-fry until golden on both sides. Set aside.

DSCF6951 (515x640)DSCF6954 (640x459)DSCF6956 (640x456)

Sauté the onions, garlic and bell peppers on the same pan. Deglaze the pan with beer, and add some chicken stock followed by the light soy sauce, brown sugar, bayleaf and saffron threads. Return the veal back in the pan, cover and pop it in a pre-heated 220’C oven for two hours.

DSCF6957 (640x456)DSCF6959 (640x451)

Remove the veal from the roasting pan and strain the sauce in a sauce pan. Reduce to a third and season to taste.

DSCF6963 (480x640)DSCF6962 (640x479)

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4 thoughts on “Veal Shoulder Blade Steak with Bell Pepper & Onion

  1. ohmygoodness…now that’s sounds like something that i’d like to have when I want to reward myself! even if i know i won’t be able to cook this any time soon, am bookmarking it!

    appreciate much your taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, Chef
    enjoy the weekend!

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