Braised Beef Tendons

DSCF6996 (640x510)I can’t seem to stay away from fat and cartilages as much as lamb, beef or veal. Whenever I visit my regular dimsum restaurant, I always have the urge and the tendency to order Beef Tendons. It’s always on my list of a three to four course dimsum meal; keeping me at ease again in preparation for next week’s surge. My week does not start until the weekend and if my internal clock does not tick properly in time for work, the week ahead maybe in shambles or unpredictable. That maybe a stressful struggle ahead which I try to avoid at all circumstances on my ‘weekends.’ I want my workweek ahead predictable and easy, although it can be difficult most of the times.

I always need that quiet and peaceful moment. I don’t or even hardly eat the food I prepare for clients. When I step-out of my work sanctuary, I search for ‘real food,’ spicy delectables which would trigger my appetite for the next couple of days and keep me up to speed for more activities during the day; food that would nourish and put me to deep slumber. I noticed lately that I only had three restaurants that I regularly and rotatingly visit on my Friday: an Indian, a Japanese and a Chinese. Almost all other else fall under the ‘fastfood’ category which I have totally omitted from my diet and list a long time ago. It just pays to know best about food handling and preparation, and my body isn’t taking in unknown substances no matter how clean or hygienic they were assembled.

I’ve never really encountered Beef Tendons as a child. My food genre at that period was mainly categorized to Filipino and I never appreciated international cuisines. When I entered the professional kingdom many called ‘work,’ my eating habits matured a little and had begun to transform. However, that only occurred a tad bit late in my life and I didn’t really experience much as much as others are currently experiencing them now in the Pinas. Food choices have exploded in the last two decades and concept restaurants mushroomed in business districts; for a price of course.

This is Braised Beef Tendons in Chinese Beef Broth. I initially did the broth before starting the tendons, and braised the tendons using a roasting pan instead of the conventional stockpot. It’s not red as I ate and had them in my dimsum place. That remains a mystery to me. It was, as I recalled, bright red, succulent and slippery to the bite, and that redness was not exactly biting hot or invitingly sweet.

The procedure for the Beef Broth is under the Braised Beef Noodle Soup (check the link) which I made about a year to a year and a half ago. Ingredients, however, are listed below.


A pack of Beef Tendons
Chinese Beef Broth

Beef Broth:
Beef Shank
Light Soy Sauce
Green Onion
White and Blackpeppercorns
Szechuan Peppercorns
Star Anise
Cinnamon Stick
Five-Spice Powder

Set the beef tendons on a roasting pan and pour some beef broth. Cover and pop it in the oven (low & slow) for next three to four hours or until soft and tender.

DSCF6987 (640x495)DSCF6989 (640x459)DSCF6992 (640x513)

Set aside to cool and steam the tendons until ready to serve.

DSCF7001 (640x455)

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