Huevos Rotos Con Chorizo

DSCF7320 (640x494)I’ve finally returned to the somewhat unpleasant fact of reality called life.  Honestly, I’m so glad I’m back. Nothing replaces the norms of life called work despite some of the setbacks and unforeseen problems encountered everyday. That’s a true sense of being alive and attached to a welcoming society I know and I’ve grown to live with. Although I wouldn’t mind staying a few more weeks in Europe, it isn’t home and there’s that almost uncomfortable feeling of detachment as the days of my vacation dragged on.  My boss felt the same when he had his vacay last Spring, and I’m sure many travellers who have grown to live and work in a modern, fast-pace, first-world society would understand what I am referring to. Everything is nearly the same everywhere, except maybe for the sights, the culture, and the food for which travel was created for man to savour.  That’s the biggest FUN of travel, and basically, that’s what I’m after every time I venture out to the unknown. Discover, learn, and interact with the locals.  It makes me stronger and more independent in the process.

The taste of the ‘Tapas’ I tasted through the course of the week I was gone still lingers in my tongue. My eating habits have changed subconsciously; eating smaller meals during the day (specially on my days-off), and adding more potatoes and eggs into my diet.  Rice is still a staple, of course, and steamed rice and Pork Sinigang were my first meal upon my return.  After that, I reverted to eating small portions of either noodles or snack size meals about five times a day, and nothing really as heavy as before. A bowl of steamed rice is still included in one of those portions. A potent mixture of cheap red wine, orange juice and Cointure is also missed specially during the hot summer months there. That has been included as well.

Anyway, I had this particular ‘Tapas’ on my first afternoon in Madrid. It’s a simple dish of potatoes, chorizo and egg. I had it with Iberico Ham and a glass of white and fell asleep thereafter. It was set on the cold display case and was just warmed upon order.  I was tired after a long trip across the Atlantic. I did mine differently.

This dish has the similarities of a hash in North America without the cheese, bacon, and the heavy sauces usually seen in American cooking. The grill plays an integral part in preparing this dish, although a couple of non-stick sauté pans would work. Cheese is or was, in my case, served beforehand (in my fave Tapas Bar, free of charge)  or as a separate order if the particular cheese is an expensive type.


  • Olive Oil
  • White Potatoes, diced
  • Chorizo, used Portuguese, diced
  • An egg, cooked sunny side or as desired
  • Sliced Crusty Bread
  • Pimenton Picante

Dice the potatoes and blanch in rapid, salted boiling water until cooked through ( but not mashed or falling apart).  Set aside in the fridge overnight.

DSCF7315 (640x510)DSCF7316 (640x460)DSCF7318 (640x455)

Drizzle some olive oil in the sauté pan and pan-fry the Chorizos. Set aside. Add a little more oil and pan-fry the diced potatoes. Sprinkle generously with Pimenton Picante.

DSCF7319 (640x479)DSCF7322 (640x480)

Set the potatoes on a ‘Cazuela’ followed by the cooked Chorizos. Fry an egg as desired and set it atop. Season with salt and pepper, olive oil or with Oregano (optional).

DSCF7321 (640x480)


6 thoughts on “Huevos Rotos Con Chorizo

  1. This dish is new to me sounds it is really delish. In my hometown in the Philippines “tapas” is made of thin slice beef meat and I think it is dried under the sun then my father did some seasoning on it and it did taste good. I have not eaten tapas for a longggggggggg time that is why this dish is new to me.

  2. Hey welcome back to reality! Love that you’re back with new ideas to share like this one. I can have this meal anytime of the day – brekkie, lunch or dinner 🙂

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