Chicken Paprika


I was gone from blogging for almost  two months. Put it this way. I was so busy with work and my other passion; the fighting arts. I couldn’t seem to insert a blog during those months. March break came and Easter went and unfortunately, I was still not able to scribble a noteworthy article for some recipes. I had them all in my camera for uploading; ready to be posted. Moreover, I recently switched into a new hardware technology format called the tablet. My netbook had had its time. I was so overwhelmed by the technology transformation, unknowingly making my life so much easier; and lighter.

I’m now in the beautiful city of Prague and I’ll be attending a cooking school tomorrow.  I’m extremely excited with this particular activity. I might as well learn how Paprika, pork, chicken and potatoes all come together in a traditional Czech meal. I have this belief that all cities have interesting tourist spots, but the activities make them a bit more special. I discovered this company online and never hesitated on participating. I needed to learn how to cook potatoes besides mashing, boiling and roasting them. It will help at work given potatoes are staples in North America.

This is Chicken Paprika done Czech style. I haven’t done this ever and saw the sauce turn into a velvety smoked, inviting, aromatic sauce which I had only seen here. This is as original and as traditional as can be as also taught by a Michelin trained Chef here in Prague.


Chicken Breast, seasoned with salt & pepper and paprika
Sunflower oil
Garlic, minced to a paste
Bay leaves
Vegetable Stock
Sour Cream
Fennel, grinded in a mortar & Pestle
Salt & Ground Black Pepper to taste

Sweat the onions with a massive amount of oil.

While sweating the onions, cut the chicken breast across the grain. Season with salt & pepper and with huge amount of smoked Paprika. Combine the breast with the onions and with the rest of the herbs or until the chicken is partially cooked. Remove the chicken breast from the pot and finish them in a 350’C oven.


Add more vegetable stock into the pot until a certain consistency is reached. Season further to taste. Blend using an immersion blender and thicken with sour cream.

Return the chicken from the oven and back into the pot. Let the pot simmer for another ten or so minutes. Remove the Chicken breast from the pot and garnish with Potato Pancakes.