About WIN

I started this blog for the sole purpose of documenting and sharing the food I have cooked in my small kitchen in a likewise small space. Many of my recipes are easy to follow and are recreated from restaurants from which I take refuge to when I become extremely stressed out from work and needed a space to recover.

Others were inspired by travel, television, cookbooks, and books or were just simply requested by my friends to make.  I seek inspiration and relaxation through food and food products found in many grocery aisles and I enjoy working a feast for friends especially during the holidays. I lean onto the classics; inputting my own twist and my personality into the food I  prepare.  That’s just my style.

I work and have been working in kitchens for almost a decade now. That’s my profession. These kitchens aren’t fancy or what they call here ‘fine dining.’ That’s too complex and for the stress involved within, I would rather keep out and keep things as straightforward as possible. Mind you, I’m not a Chef. I have studied the ‘professional’ way of how cooks do things and that’s a big plus, however, I keep things as simple and as direct as possible; cooking and preparing everything in the quickest possible time.  I enjoy preparing ‘comfort’ food; probably because of the distance from where I am from where I was a decade ago and the stress involved at work.

I don’t measure my ingredients. I tried doing this task when I wrote my first few blogs, but by the time I reached my tenth or so, I gave up.  I eyeball everything and everything is to taste. That’s how it’s done and that’s how I will continue to do it. I believe to earn a profit in this industry is through portion and inventory control. I only need a couple of portions or so for myself so the act of measuring really becomes an insignificant factor.

Lamon Sa Kusina offers the reader an oversight of what I prepare and what I eat basically after experiencing  a tough day in the line.


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