Tortilla Espanola (Potato & Onion Omelette)

DSCF7360 (640x494)Eggs and rice are a perfect combination as to eggs and potatoes. I didn’t particularly enjoy eating fresh potatoes as a child, but when a fastfood chain burst into the scene in the now very modern Makati Business District back in the ’80’s serving up french fries, I, together with my sister and brother, joined the bandwagon. If I’d remember correctly, my classmates (from Grade 6) and I would walk out of the very trendy Dasmarinas Village just to catch these deep-fried deliciousness. That chain was the first of many and it was thronged by people from all walks of life. Sachets of catsup was still overflowing from the condiment stand, unlike these days when it’s only given when asked. From then on, potatoes almost always connote to fries and basically to nothing else.

I further learned to appreciate ‘the potato’ when I had to turn it around (recycle) three to four times just to save on food cost.  It is that versatile and a little twist here and there would make a spectacular meal in itself.  I can’t cook a complete meal  without having them in-stock, whether processed or fresh.  It’s done in less than an hour and frozen fries work as a quick side, although it can be unhealthy when eaten everyday.

I became more aware of the potato’s versatility when I did eggs and crepes for a living for five years.  I discovered the booming breakfast and brunch scene and to keep up with the line of experienced cooks (cooking all their lives and I was just starting). I had to buy a sack of taters and a case of eggs to test my skill level at home.  I made them from scratch together with the many other omelettes the restaurant had served. It was that competitive. I stopped and paused from eating eggs and potatoes for several years after that on and off line experience.

I rediscovered eggs and potatoes in my recent trip to Madrid. These omelette  and potato combination make it all the more filling and satisfying.  They made them double the amount in comparison to what I made here, making it look fluffier and bigger upfront. I made this one with just three eggs on a small non-grease pan, and it fed me twice.


  • Eggs
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Spanish Onion, minced
  • Oregano
  • Pimenton Picante
  • Sea Salt & Ground Black Pepper

Slice the potatoes into thin rings and boil until tender, but not breaking apart. Set aside to cool and place it in the fridge.

DSCF7350 (640x480)DSCF7353 (640x480)

Crack three eggs (or as desired) and combine the spices, herbs and minced onions. Gently fold the potatoes into the eggs and season further.

Heat a non-stick pan at low-medium heat and pour the mixture in; adjusting the ends to form a perfect circle. Flip and wait until the aside is cooked (@low heat).  Flipped once more and transfer into a plate. Cut into serving sizes.

DSCF7354 (640x480)DSCF7355 (640x480)DSCF6642 (640x496)

DSCF7359 (640x451)DSCF7361 (640x495)

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