Curried Fried Chicken

DSCF7670 (640x495)I was away from blogging for more than a month.  Things went by so quickly that by the time I knew it, the dreaded holidays was already knocking on my doorstep.  I fear the holidays. I  hate the holidays.  It’s that period of the year when I miss sleep and my shift stretches to an average of 11 hours; and sometimes, work is non-stop.  I feel work as soon as I wake-up, up until I reach home late at night. It has been like that lately, thus I had to step-back for several weeks and clear my mind towards more productive and fun activities. Now is the time to tick-off those much longed and wanted ‘things-to-do’ which I postponed time and time again for so many years!  I have a short-list that’s all dedicated  for the years 2014 to 2016. I haven’t looked beyond that, but the thought of retirement has also been included.

Anyway, I was also on a week holiday in Singapore to feast on spectacular Asian delights. I never knew Singapore can be that far! Took me 20 plus hours to reach my destination (as soon as I stepped-out of my apartment and arrived at my hotel). The in-flight movies kept me wide awake. There were three major Bruce Lee films to celebrate and commemorate  his 40th death anniversary and that even made me want to leave my tight and compact seat and stretch my legs and practice my tai chi.  I was totally bored with lame storyline from the movie ‘Man of Steal’, but opted to stay fully awake for the movie just to see Amy Adams’ alluring and charming red head features. She remains to be most adorable and mesmerizing actress I’ve seen and watched.

Singapore is a food mecca. It’s an expensive city much like Toronto, but the street food the city offers is infinite. Toronto doesn’t offer as much Asian Gourmet Vendor Food and can be quite expensive if done daily.  Singapore doesn’t. It’s affordable to the ordinary employee. That experience alone took me to nirvana.  One of the most memorable morsel of food ‘combo’ I ate every morning was the Curried Fried Chicken with either Bee-Hon or Steamed Rice and a side of fried egg.  I  discovered the stall just down-by the metro which was also close to my hotel.  It also came as a Fried Chicken Wings ‘combo’ and it’s definitely perfect for snacking (as much as a meal).


  • Chicken Drumsticks (or wings)
  • Eggs
  • Condensed Milk ( or evaporated)
  • Curry Powder
  • Sea Salt
  • Crispy Fry Batter-Mix Brand (easiest batter-mix concoction available in the market, and I think it’s Pinoy made). Follow packet instructions.

Beat the eggs thoroughly with condensed milk. Season with curry powder and sea salt and mix further.  Soak the chicken drumsticks into the beaten, seasoned eggs.

DSCF7662 (640x427)

Open a packet of Crispy Mix and pour the contents in a bowl.  Season with Curry Powder until the curry powder is fully incorporated into the mixture.

DSCF7663 (640x494)DSCF7664 (640x495)

Roll the drumsticks into the breadcrumbs, and pan-fry (or deep-fry) in oil until golden brown (I finished them off in the oven for easy cleaning).

Fry an egg or two to desired doneness and serve on the side. The stall served their fried eggs dry under a warmer as typical of many Asian fried eggs.

DSCF7666 (640x495)

DSCF7669 (640x360)

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